Where should I start?

  • Online tutorials, courses are good but may be obsolete. However Google docs on android are always up to date


I need some guidance–ud851

  • Best to learn from creators


Which IDE should I use for Android mobile app development?

  • Android Studio – it’s an Intellij IDEA based IDE, coming with all features available on IDEA. Supported by Google
  • Intellij IDEA – it’s an option
  • You could develop Apps for Android on Eclipse or Netbeans, but… just don’t. Those were darker times.


Which Android version should I choose for development?

  • Basically one that is supported by most devices


Should I consider Kotlin?–cms-27846

  • Yes, assuming that you are fluent Java programmer, otherwise you may not appreciate Kotlin features


Why even bother with Android when I can develop cross-device apps using react native / xamarin?

  • I don’t know, ask your lecturer 🙂
  • Avoid PhoneGap – it’s just a wrapper that displays web applications without a top bar
  • Basically developing apps on Android makes sense when:
    • you have a strong Java background
    • you need to address only Android users
    • you are concerned about performance
    • you want to use one of many high quality free libraries available for android
    • you want to use android API / features that are not available otherwise


I have a problem.

  • Define your problem
  • Search on Google / StackOverflow
  • If you can’t find answer – redefine your problem

  • If you really can’t find any answers, join and ask on groups listed above, community is helpful and will kindly tell you that you defined your problem in a wrong way.


I don’t have any android device to test my app / I don’t want to have an USB constantly attached to my PC.

  • You can use BlueStacks as an emulator, it’s convenient

How can I test my applications?

  • You can use JUnit for unit tests.
  • Spock, Mockito or Powermockito are useful tools to develop high quality tests faster. Using Spock makes tests readable, enforcing self-documenting code
  • Espresso allows blackbox UI testing


Ok, but how can I really test my applications on all those devices running android?

  • Firebase allows Cloud based testing on multiple devices


How can I deploy an app for UAT testing?

  • Fortunately Android means Google Play Store. It allows alpha and beta testing – you don’t have to send .apk files via email


How can I monetize my application?

  • Basically freemium model seems to be the best choice. It depends on your brand and type of app you are trying to develop

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