Piotr Sobecki

Head of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
National Information Processing Institute

About me

I research applications of AI in medicine. My scientific contributions are oriented on machine learning, computer vision and optimization algorithms in healthcare.

Since 2018 I manage an IT R&D department of over 20 members, including researchers, developers, analysts, testers. My responsibilities also include software and research project management. I have years worth of experience (CV here) on positions of department head, project manager, team lead and software engineer.

Canal+ | Black Domain | S1E8 – Artificial Intelligence
How to create explainable AI in
medical imaging diagnostics?

My work focuses on developing a
proprietary methodology (eRADS)
that integrates artificial intelligence with
problem-specific ontologies.

In this interview (en|pl) I explain my approach.

I was part of an advisory board of AI experts working on national strategy for AI development in Poland including review of international strategies and European Union statements on the subject.

I’m looking forward to collaborate in more interdisciplinary projects.
If you have any questions or ideas I encourage you to contact me.